Love at first sight! What do you think it won’t happen nowadays? If you think the answer is negative –Sagar and Jyoti may prove you wrong. The two promising hearts have experienced love, joy, adventure and extreme attachment between them during their courtship of five years. There is no such uniqueness in their love life: they are like just you and me but still hold some charm in their love story. The two loving heart are unfulfilled without each other. So to fulfil each other’s dream they come forward and decide to get married to be each other’s forever. Sagar proves his condensed love towards Jyoti when he approaches to her on the moment of anxiousness and Jyoti handles his proposal with her innocence. They maybe not share perfect kind of fairy tale like love but the trust in them, definitely, give kick in their relationship all the time. Thanks to The Sparkling Wedding for coparation. The provide best wedding photography service in Kolkata, India