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SAGAR + JYOTI Love at first sight! What do you think it won’t happen nowadays? If you think the answer is negative --Sagar and Jyoti may prove you wrong. The two promising hearts have experienced love, joy, adventure and extreme attachment between them during their courtship of five years.

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ADRIT + NANDINI The journey of love through mystery to transparency: Not the mystery of romances or in thrillers but mystery of being fallen in love with each other. Adrit and Nandini are love couple shares a story of office love. They first became friends and then decided to have



ANKHI +  SIDDHARTHA They are the lovebirds found their love while meeting several times, travelling in alleys of Kolkata. Typical Kolkata love in the City of Joy, they used to celebrate. Ankhi’s life is full of music and Siddhartha has a love for roads. Their choices may different but have

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