The journey of love through mystery to transparency: Not the mystery of romances or in thrillers but mystery of being fallen in love with each other. Adrit and Nandini are love couple shares a story of office love. They first became friends and then decided to have an eternal bonding with the ritual of marriage with each other. After knowing each other when the mystery was over they become inseparable, their friendship became too condensed to break or mould. The couple has some similarities as they both are foodies and fun loving. They seem adorable with each other. Once they maintain long distance relationship but like fairy god mother Adrit’s mother takes the initiative to talk to Nandini and after realising of having his son a Bengali bride she becomes determined. The Bengali, fun loving duo has a simple, charming and very much understanding relationship. Their story is beyond any bitter complications and misunderstanding. To Adrit, Nandini is a wave in the calm and cool life of him. Though having some unlikeness before their connection get stronger, they could meet their goals of love life with acute simplicity and affection in their heart.